VIP Texts is a platform that allows businesses to identity and keep in contact with their best customers. Our platform and process allow you to gain the permission of willing recipients to receive information from your business such as deals and weekly specials. VIP Texts allows you to incentivize your existing customers into visiting your business more often. Imagine a customer who comes in once a month, if you are able to have them come in twice a month or once a week, you can double or quadruple the Lifetime Value of that customer. Our text messaging platform and marking strategies combine to give you this power.


Loyalty Marketing Increases Value of Best Customers – your subscribers list will be developed by reaching out to the regular customers. The goal is to provide those who already enjoy your services with access to exclusive deals simply by showing their support. Reap the benefits of loyalty marketing by encouraging your best customers to come back twice as often.

Geat real-time results. No waiting to see how well an advertisement worked or how much should be invested in promotions. One, easy subscription will provide you an opportunity to access your best customers right now.

Hyper-Targeted Marketing – 20% of your clientele is responsible for 80% of your business. That 20% should be receiving the best deals you can offer. With VIP Texts, companies can provide regular patrons with an incentive to visit twice as often. Once you have created a group of subscribers you are able to provide deals on the things that keep people coming back to your establishment.


Q. I have never advertised like this in the past, so why should I start now?
A. There is no replacing an excellent service or product, but you can enhance it with effective marketing. VIP Texts is an easy, affordable way to give your most loyal customers new incentives for coming back.

Q. How will I know this is working?
A. The best part about this system is that you know 95% of the messages are read within 10 minutes. You will see the results when customers come in and show the message on their phone. By creating time-sensitive promotions you can measure how many customers respond to each message in a given timeframe.

Q. If they are already my customers, why give them a deal? Not sure this question sends a good message.
A. Why do casinos give high rollers the VIP treatment? If you take care of these customers, they will ultimately end up spending a lot more money in your restaurant, bringing their friends, spreading good will, etc.

Q. Isn’t this considered Spam?
A. Not in the least. Spam is defined by its lack of targeting and permission. Since all customers voluntarily sign-up and are told how they can opt-out (by sending in the word stop/remove/quit), they will receive the messages for as long as they like. Our goal is to never send someone a message they do not want to receive.

Q. How much does this cost?
A. We charge our customers a fee dependent upon the amount of subscribers they have. RANGE OF PRICING. This service won’t cost your customers anymore than regular text messaging rates. These days, most people have unlimited messages, so it will be “free” to them.

Q.What if I don’t do any other digital marketing?
A. Then text message marketing is a  perfect way for you to start. It is different than other digital mediums because a computer is not required. You won’t need an email list or any social media page to reach someone. Text messages are accurate, reliable, and receivable on nearly all mobile devices.

Q. Why is this any better than Groupon or a similar company?
A. Services like Groupon function by charging subscription fees, user fees, and taking a percentage of sales. Also, their subscribers are part of a larger pool of ‘deal-seekers’ who may not have prior knowledge about your business. These bargain hunters come just for the offer and not because they enjoy a particular restaurant, bar or club.  VIP Texts is different. We only charge one fee, a service charge to the business, and subscriber lists are populated with current customers. This means that your business is offering new incentives to the 20% of customers who make up 80% of your sales.