More Customers, More Often.

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The main goal of VIP Texts is to bring your customers in more often.

With VIP Texts you can bring customers back to your business when you want them!

Our platform is designed with this in mind, from the way customers are acquired, to the way they are rewarded for being a customer. Your regulars bring you the most business, and VIP Texts helps you get more regulars and retain them with our innovative marketing strategy.

Downtime and Special Events

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Drum up business on demand with the power of your VIP Texts List, whether it is a rainy day and you want to increase take-out orders or you want to boost attendance for a special event.

Increase Customer Loyalty

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Customers these days want special treatment and recognition for their loyalty, and with VIP Texts you never have to worry: your customers will feel the love.

Track Offers and Redemptions

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VIP Texts has unique technology for offers that allows you to track redemptions, limit the quantity of offers, and even make them time sensitive.

High-Converting Deal Templates

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With our selection of pre-written deal templates, you can send a great offer out in as little as two clicks. Schedule months of marketing in minutes.

Video-guided Sign up and Tutorials

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Our video sign-up process walks you through each step and explains how everything works. Once in the platform there are step-by-step tutorials to help you get the most out of VIP Texts.