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[sws_2_column title=”” rightmargin=””] [sws_toggle1 title=”How does the FREE plan work?”] The FREE plan lasts until you have 100 VIPs subscribed to your list. After you have 100 VIPs, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information the next time you login. No subscriber will ever be rejected if you go over the limit, you will just be unable to send out messages until you upgrade. [/sws_toggle1]

[sws_toggle1 title=”How does VIP Texts charge?”]VIP Texts charges based on the number of subscribers you have at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle. [/sws_toggle1]

[sws_toggle1 title=”How often can I send messages?”]You can send messages up to once per week, or 4 times per month. There is no real reason you should be updating them more often than that, and so we limit the number of messages to ensure the quality of the VIP Texts experience.[/sws_toggle1]

[sws_toggle1 title=”Do you provide assistance if I need help?”]Yes we offer full support service to all of our clients. Feel free to reach out to our customer service agents and we will gladly help you with anything. We offer live chat on the website as well as robust phone support.


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[sws_toggle1 title=”Does VIP Texts Really Work?”]Text messaging really does work. Texts are delivered instantly to all of your customers and 95% of messages will be read within 10 minutes. If you offer enticing deals, you will quickly see the power VIP Texts to drive traffic to your business.

[sws_toggle1 title=”Will customers like to get text messages from my business?”]All customers have voluntarily joined your VIP Texts and so they want to receive your offers. VIP Texts helps you creates a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers, where you reward them for they loyalty and they reward you with increased business.

[sws_toggle1 title=”What are the deal templates?”]Deal templates are pre-written messages that are suggested for you. We have curated the best converting types of messages in a simple to use system, that allows you to customize and send out messages with only a few clicks. This is an exclusive feature of VIP Texts.

[sws_toggle1 title=”Is there a contract?”]With VIP Texts there is no contract and you can cancel anytime right from your account settings. You will be upgraded/downgraded in plans automatically depending on the number of subscribers. We are confident in our service and do not need to use any tricks to keep you as a customer. Once you see the power of VIP Texts in action, you will understand.



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