Your Food Truck is constantly on the move, and so are your customers, so how can you keep in touch with them? With VIP Texts! You can message your customers anytime you like and update them with your current location and weekly specials. The group who follows you are your most loyal customers and they no longer need to use an intermediary service to find you.

Most foodtrucks rely purely on twitter to communicate and interact with their customers, but there are many problems with this. Twitter is only used by 1/3 of the population, and most people don’t sit on it all day. Most people can’t access twitter at their office or place of work. With text messages, you can reach anyone, anywhere. It is incredible what notifying your die hard fans can do. They will come from near and far because you’ve just trigger their craving and have told them where you are.

Text message marketing with VIP Texts will revolutionize the relationship you share with your cusotmers.