Customer Loyalty

According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of your sales comes from 20% of your customers. Instead of trying aimlessly to attract new business you should be giving that 20% a reason to visit more often. These are the customers that deserve great offers. VIP Texts is an easy, affordable way to provide incentives to your best customers.

Marketing Made Simple

Whether you have a restaurant, bar or nightclub there’s no doubt your customers are texting. Mobile messaging is quickly becoming the premier method of digital communication. With VIP Texts you can advertise your establishment’s best features to the customers that know and love your business. A small reminder, via text messaging, can be the push that brings in your best customers more often.

Affordable Solutions

– Email marketing is quickly becoming today’s snail mail. Spam boxes are littered with poorly spent advertising dollars.
– Social media is great, but managing a page and cultivating  advertising can be time consuming without a great return on your investment.
– Texting is direct, cheap and effective. With our system all you need to do is ask your current customers to sign up. Then you are free to contact them directly, whenever you want!

Get In Touch With Your Best Customers

With VIP Texts  you can hyper-target your marketing efforts in real-time with a measurable return. This means the people seeing your ads will view them immediately and act on them quickly. We achieve this by creating a group of subscribers comprised of your current customers. This way you can be sure promotions are reaching your best potential customers. Now you can rest easy knowing that you are offering great deals to the people that truly appreciate them.

The VIP Texts Difference

Platforms like  Groupon and Living Social are tailored to ‘deal seekers.’ These are bargain hunters looking for a special, not the loyal customers who make up the majority of sales. Then they charge you to access their subscribers and for users to sign up. Unlike these services, VIP Texts is made with your business in mind. We charge one fee to use the service and the list is created by you so you can be sure your ads are reaching the right people.

Effective, Easy & Free To Sign Up

Just choose which program works best for you and begin building a  list of subscribers. Then all you have to do is start texting and watch your business grow. Managing your VIP Texts account is easy and we work with you to help achieve the best results possible. You can access your account from a computer or smart-phone and we are here to help every step of the way.