75% of People Prefer Offers On Their Phone To Be Text Messages

By April 20, 2012 Blog
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Here at VIP Texts we are asked often by our potential customers about whether or not their customers actually want to receive deals and offers via text message. Based on our experience with users and businesses, the answer is a resounding YES! Especially if the offers are high-quality and not too often. The fact is, that the people who subscribe to receive your deals are the people who like deals in the first place. If people don’t want to receive deals, they won’t sign up for them! The second thing to remember is that the people who sign up are already customers, meaning that they are 100% targeted to your business. When you combine those factors with a high-quality offer, the results will blow you away.

VIP Texts is a form of mobile marketing, and as the world shifts to more and more mobile, you will begin to see it everywhere. Texting is to phones what email is to computers. When email first started it was not used for commercial purposes, but it eventually became accepted and is used by nearly every business. Text messaging is going to trend the same way. Texts are the best means of delivering information, with instant delivery and 95% of messages read in 10 minutes, it can’t be beat!

The question is, are customers ready to receive deals by text message? The infographic below has some interesting numbers on customers openness to receiving deals on their phones. This graphic was not created by us, but you can see that 65% of users are open to receiving offers on their phones, and that they overwhelmingly (75%) prefer to receive offers by text message versus an app or in ads on mobile websites. Try VIP Texts today and put the power of texting in your hands, and your deals into your customer’s hands.

vip texts

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